Qodana 2022.2 Help

Qodana IDE plugin

The Qodana IDE plugin is a JetBrains IDE plugin that provides a link between a Qodana report and your project opened in an IDE, so you can navigate between the problems detected by a linter and use the Open file in <IDE> functionality provided by the Qodana UI.

This plugin is available by default in all JetBrains IDEs starting from version 2021.3. Otherwise, you can install it using JetBrains Marketplace.

Before you start

  1. Make sure your preferred IDE is installed via JetBrains Toolbox App.

  2. Install the plugin for the IDE as described in the IntelliJ IDEA Documentation. IDE versions 2021.2 and later are supported.

  3. Make sure that you previously opened the project by the IDE at least one time. This action establishes the link between the Qodana report and your IDE.

Now you can run Qodana to inspect your code, see the Qodana linters section for details.

Open a file from the Qodana UI

  1. In the Qodana HTML report, choose a problem to navigate to and click Open file in <IDE>.

    The Open in IDE button

Open a Qodana report in the IDE

  1. In the IDE, go to Tools | Open Qodana Analysis Report and select the qodana.sarif.json report file generated after a Qodana run. See Qodana code inspection output formats for details.

  2. In the Problems tool window that opens, you can view the detected issues and jump to the corresponding line in the code editor.

    Project Errors view

In case a problem was fixed before opening the qodana.sarif.json file, it is marked as [Not present].

Last modified: 30 September 2022