Qodana 2024.1 Help


Projects accumulate Qodana reports.

Each project is uniquely identified by a project token. This token is used for uploading Qodana reports.

Create a project

During the onboarding stage, Qodana Cloud already helps you create a first project, so these steps are applicable only for creating additional projects.

On a team page, click the Create project button.

Creating a new project

Follow the steps from the wizard as described below.

  1. Provide either the HTTPS or SSH URL to your project that can be accessible by Qodana Cloud.

    The first step of the project creation
  2. Using the Your project name field, specify the name of the Qodana Cloud project.

    The second step of the project creation
  3. Learn how to configure Qodana for running in a CI/CD pipeline. This step also contains the project token that you can copy and use for license verification and uploading reports to Qodana Cloud.

    The final step of the project creation

Manage a project

After the project was created, you can update the VCS settings, regenerate the project token, rename the project, or delete it.

Available project options
Last modified: 20 June 2024