Qodana 2022.3 Help


Using organizations in Qodana Cloud, you can create teams for grouping users around dedicated projects. This lets you:

  • Combine several projects under a single team to provide a convenient way for navigation

  • Share specific projects among Qodana Cloud users that are part of a team

To navigate to an organization, expand the list of organizations in the left corner of the Qodana Cloud UI, and then click the required organization.

Navigating to the organization

Create a team

You can create teams only outside your private organization.

  1. On the organization page, click Create team in the upper-right corner.

    Create team button

    This will open the New team window.

  2. In the New team window, specify the team name and click Create team.

    Creating a team

Navigate to teams

You can navigate to a team clicking its name on an organization page, or using the left sidebar of the Qodana Cloud UI.

Accessing team

Manage teams

After clicking in the upper-right corner, you can invite new members to a team, leave the team, or delete it.

Managing team

Click Invite members to invite or delete members, or change user roles for the existing members.

Managing team members
Last modified: 08 December 2022