Qodana 2022.3 Help


Organizations provide top-level structuring of all entities in Qodana Cloud.

You can navigate between organizations using the left sidebar of the Qodana Cloud UI.

Creating an organization

When you create an account, you become a member of your personal organization, which lets you create your projects and aggregate your Qodana reports.

To collaborate with other Qodana Cloud users, you can:

Some Qodana reports can be available without creating an account, see the Create an organization section for details.

Organization overview

To manage organizations, navigate to Settings | Manage organization.

Navigate to Manage organizations

This section is related to the active organization and describes the number of teams and members, organization type, subscription plan, and the number of contributors.

Organization overview

You can click the number of members to open the Add people to organization window and manage users of the organization.

Manage members

Create an organization

You can create either private or public organizations. Private organizations are visible only for their users. Reports of public organizations are available for all Qodana Cloud users, including unauthorized users with the viewer role.

To create an organization, expand the list of organizations and then click Create organization.

Creating an organization

This will open the Add organization window, where you can specify the organization name and choose its type.

The Add organization window

Manage organization members

Navigate to Settings | Manage organization, and then click the number of members.

Manage members

This will open the Add people to organization window.

Manage users

Using this window, you can:

  • Invite new users using email addresses, and assign user roles

  • Change roles of existing organization members

  • Delete members

Last modified: 09 December 2022