PhpStorm 8.0.0 Web Help

PHP support includes:

  • Possibility to create PHP files and classes from templates.
  • Full PHP 5.5 syntax support including generators, coroutines, the finally keyword, list in foreach, using empty() on the result of function calls and other expressions, class name resolution as scalar via the class keyword, and constant array/string dereferencing.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Error highlighting.
  • Basic on-the-fly code completion.
  • Resolution of include statements and file references, including references to PHAR archives.

    All the PHAR files from the current project and the specified include path are shown in the project tool window under the Project View/Libraries/PHAR node and available for browsing right there.

  • Class Completion.
  • Intention actions and quick fixes.
  • Surrounding with code constructs SurroundWithLiveTemplateCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Alt+JAlt Command JAlt Command JAlt Command J and SurroundWithCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TShift+Alt+Z or Ctrl+Alt+TAlt Command TAlt Command TAlt Command Z.
  • Code inspections.
  • Jump to declaration (GotoDeclarationCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+Alt+G, Escape, Period, Alt+Period or Ctrl+Button1 ClickF12, Shift+F2, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickF3 or Ctrl+Button1 ClickCommand B, Command Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCommand B, Command Button1 Click or Button2 ClickF3 or Control Button1 Click).
  • Refactoring:
    • Rename (RenameElementShift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Ctrl+RShift+Alt+RShift F6Shift F6Shift F6).
    • Move (MoveF6F6F6F6F6Ctrl+MShift+Alt+VF6F6Alt Command V).
    • Copy (CopyElementF5F5F5F5CopyElementCopyElementCopyElementF5F5F5).


PHP coding assistance is provided via a bundled PHP plugin that is enabled by default. If not, activate it on the Plugins page of the Settings dialog box.

Syntax highlighting

  • Basic syntax highlighting:


  • Improved PHP syntax coloring for various constructs. There are separate colors for: function and method declarations; function calls, static and instance method calls; classes and interfaces, static and instance class fields:


Error highlighting


Basic on-the-fly code completion


Class completion


Intention actions and quick fixes


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