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Hot Spots

The Hot Spots view lists functions with highest own time in the profiled application code.


If you are not interested in system function calls, you can minimize the noise and filter out such functions. To do that, select the System functions check box at the top of the view. You can also hide event-waiting trees. Select the Event-waiting trees check box.

This view provides a callback tree for each function, so you can see not only where time was spent in your code but also which paths lead to the selected hot spot.


Each node of the Hot Spots view contains the following information:


  1. Percentage of time spent by the top-level function in current call stack relative to time spent in all calls in the current tab.
  2. Short name of the called function.
  3. Sum of top-level function's own times or the contribution of the top-level function to the sum of times in this call stack.
  4. Sum of top-level function's calls or the contribution of the top-level function to the sum of calls in this call stack.
  5. Full name of the called function.

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