Rider Early Access Program

This page lists pre-release builds of Rider, the emerging .NET IDE from JetBrains. As this is pre-release software, stability of builds presented here, as well as their applicability to a certain purpose, may (and most probably will) vary. Please use the builds at your own risk.

For the list of known issues you might want to visit Rider help center.

Rider is being actively developed, and we really appreciate your feedback. Please use Rider issue tracker to report bugs and suggest features.

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Build highlights

  • Build: EAP build 16
  • Released: January 17, 2017
  • You can now open multiple solutions at once.
  • The NuGet tool window gets a new UI.
  • EditorConfig is supported with a bundled plugin.
  • File Watchers plugin is now available in Rider: it monitors changes to specified files and executes associated tasks. This helps automate transpiling when you work with TypeScript, Sass and similar languages.
  • Debugger displays values of variables next to code, and allows navigating to code from the Variables tab.
  • Code style settings can now be saved to a specific layer, similar to how it's implemented in ReSharper.
  • New Properties dialogs for files, folders and references.
  • UI for the Encapsulate Field refactoring and the Fix naming in scope quick-fix.
  • Include in index and Exclude from index context menu commands in Solution Explorer that help manually control which non-project folders Rider should process for the purposes of its code analysis and which it should ignore.
  • In build configuration settings, you can choose to build a specific project instead of the entire solution.
  • You can now delete characters from the diff view when you're reviewing your changes.
  • Auto-formatting of pasted text can now be undone.

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  • Build: EAP build 15
  • Released: December 19, 2016
  • Code style settings for C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS have been ported from ReSharper.
  • Output tool window for incremental build.
  • Improved automatic highlighting for usages of symbol under caret: no more blinking on moving the caret, and the error stripe starts to indicate highlighted usages.
  • Better syntax highlighting for ASPX markup.
  • More file templates: directories, generic files, HTML files, data sources.
  • C# code folding improved: more foldings for different language structures and blocks, including for, foreach, switch, using, if/else, try/catch/finally, lambda expressions, properties, and initializers).
  • Initial support for code folding in XAML, including folding for comments and tags.
  • Default project directory is now set correctly instead of pointing to the root directory.
  • Unity debugger learns to insert breakpoints in Unity 5.5.
  • Performance improvements and fixes in .NET Framework debugger (evaluating nullable properties, calling methods of generic classes etc.).
  • Version control improvements: better presentation of commit details, messages and labels in Git and Mercurial commit logs; new actions to undo the last commit and sign-off a commit.
  • Improvements in database editor, such as better usage search and editing multiple similar cells.

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  • Build: EAP build 14 (first public)
  • Released: November 21, 2016
  • Initial support for new .csproj files introduced by Visual Studio 2017 RC.
  • Usages of symbol under caret are now automatically highlighted.
  • New unit testing actions, including Repeat previous run and Append tests to session.
  • A shortcut for Save document is introduced.
  • Multiple debugger and unit test runner fixes.
  • Python plugin is now available.

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