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Make sure that the following prerequisites are met (outside of RubyMine):


  • Oracle's VirtualBox is installed on your computer.
  • Vagrant is installed on your computer, and all the necessary infrastructure is created.
  • The parent folders of the following executable files are added to the system PATH variable:
    • vagrant.bat or vagrant from your Vagrant installation. This should be done automatically by the installer.
    • VBoxManage.exe or VBoxManage from your Oracle's VirtualBox installation.
  • The required virtual boxes are created.
To configure a remote Ruby interpreter
  1. In the Ruby SDK and Gems page of the project settings, click Add SDK .
  2. In the drop-down list, choose New remote....


    The dialog box Configure Remote Ruby Interpreter opens:


  3. In this dialog box, click the button Fill from vagrant config. In this case, the remote server settings are taken from the vagrant configuration file, defined outside of RubyMine .
  4. The Ruby interpreter path field displays the path to the desired Ruby executable. You can accept default, or specify a different one.
  5. Click OK in the Configure Remote Ruby Interpreter dialog box. The configured remote interpreter is added to the list.

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