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Complete List of 4.5.5 Release Notes

  • [TW-8578] When an MSTest test is shows up as "Not Executed", it appears on the team city test page and in the test results as if it passed and succeeded.
  • [TW-8815] Xml TestReporting plugin is not importing NUnit test results correctly
  • [TW-8979] Teamcity, when building a merge commit, is only including changes from one side of the merge
  • [TW-8980] Perforce label failed with spaces in Build Configuration name
  • [TW-9007] Wrong Git sources can be used after merge when all files are filtered out by checkout rules
  • [TW-9115] Configure default roles link doesn't work
  • [TW-9132] Support Remote Run with Perforce 2009.1 Eclipse plugin
  • [TW-9161] Personal builds are labelled in VCS
  • [TW-9168] NUnit [Explicit] attrubite should not make tests ignored if category filter is set.
  • [TW-9233] Remote Run with Partial Commit and NullPointerException with TC4.5.4 and Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)
  • [TW-9376] TeamCity cannot parse results of the ordered test