JetBrains Upsource Early Access Program

Thank you for interest in Upsource, a new repository browser and code review tool from JetBrains.

Please understand that since this is pre-release software, there's no guarantee that a EAP build will even run in your environment. That said, we put our best effort into testing EAP builds and we will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues encountered during your participation in Upsource Early Access Program.

By downloading, installing, copying, saving on your computer, or otherwise using this software, you are becoming a party to JetBrains license agreement and you are consenting to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Download Upsource EAP

Pre-release build, 10-user license key bundled.
If you need more users, please use the license name/key combination below

November 25, 2014
File size:
479 MB

System requirements

  • Physical server with 8 GB or more RAM running a 64-bit OS: Windows Vista (or later), Mac OS X 10.7 (or later), or Linux
  • More requirements

License key for unlimited users

Please use the following license name/key if the 10-user limit imposed by the bundled EAP license doesn't meet your needs. The license is valid before February 1, 2015.

  • License name: Upsource 1.0 EAP License
  • License key: 48fb9188f6f471973a0937066972f498946cdee1a5ec9c61ff8f36f7626439551953542605227290ec0e64e2e91163353a6df49124234f9a94cad8ea9ecad3b46b989693516c6190a770de63c3723186359770e0e2ec52d07a853d6efb80a6176b402129d5b86bbd6d13a6ddbdc3f22841d716d1d04b11f3746f196feee871f7