Upsource integrates with popular issue trackers, Continuous Integration servers, synchronizes activity with GitHub, and provides webhooks to notify external services or receive notifications.


Enjoy all the Upsource code insight functionality while reviewing pull requests. All the comments and other activity will be kept in sync.


Review GitLab merge requests in Upsource same way as you would review a feature branch. Take advantage of the code insight and code review assistance that Upsource provides.


Whether you are performing a code review or simply browsing changes, you can see how new changes affected builds on your CI server.


Upsource integrates with JIRA and provides navigation to JIRA issues, allows you to create issues from code reviews or discussions, and supports JIRA iteration workflow. You can also set up authentication with JIRA credentials.


Navigate to relevant issues in your YouTrack instance from discussions, code reviews, and commit messages. Create issues from code reviews or even discussions.


Use webhooks to notify external services, such as an issue tracker, CI server, or deployment tool, about events that occur in an Upsource project.