Key Integrations

TeamCity integration

TeamCity Integration

By integrating with JetBrains TeamCity, you synchronize changes submitted through TeamCity with issue attributes in YouTrack. For example, if a comment submitted with a TeamCity change contains an issue ID, the issue can be automatically marked as Fixed and the Fixed in build attribute is filled with a corresponding build number.

Generally, you can specify any command to be applied to issues included in the current build. All the changes made via TeamCity are displayed on TeamCity Changes tab along with user name, who committed the changes. Read more »

Integration with VCSs

YouTrack integrates with VCSs via TeamCity. You can just type a command right in the VCS commit comment, and it will be applied to the issue associated with this commit. For example, if you commit files with a comment like #JT-1787 fixed tag to be documented, issue JT-1787 will be closed and tagged as "to be documented."

LDAP integration

LDAP integration lets you connect YouTrack to your directory service so that users in your organization are able to log into YouTrack with the same credentials that they use with other corporate applications.

OpenID Integration

With YouTrack you can enable authentication through any or all of four supported OpenID providers: Google, Yahoo, America Online, and


YouTrack provides powerful functionality that helps you perform various actions programmatically via its RESTful API. These include:

  • Creating, modifying, and performing other operations programmatically — so you can seamlessly integrate YouTrack into your environment. For example, use automated issue submission from third-party applications.
  • Importing issues from your current bug tracking system — for smoother migration to YouTrack.
  • Manipulating projects, users, groups, roles, issue link types, and custom attributes.

Integration with GitHub GitHub

YouTrack provides native integration with GitHub, meaning that you don't need to set up TeamCity to integrate YouTrack with your GitHub repository.

You can type any command (just as with the command window) right in the commit comment, and it will be applied to the issue associated with the commit. For example, should you commit files with a comment like #JT-1787 fixed Assignee max, issue JT-1787 will be fixed and reassign to user Max. Changes will be applied with the committer's credentials.

Integration with

Share your tickets from Zendesk

Now you can share Zendesk tickets with YouTrack. Simply initiate a sharing invite from Zendesk and accept it from YouTrack. When you share a ticket, a new issue is created in YouTrack automatically.


Any changes in shared issues will then be synchronized between Zendesk and YouTrack. You can select an issue field to sync with Zendesk ticket Status.

Integration with Zendesk

Integration with TestRail TestRail

TestRail can be integrated with YouTrack by entering YouTrack issue IDs in test results. Issue IDs are automatically linked to YouTrack. TestRail can also be configured to link to New Issue page to make it easier for testers to submit new issues.

Integration with TestLink TestLink

Integration with TestLink lets you link the test case execution results in TestLink with the appropriate issue created in YouTrack. The New Issue form can be also accessed right from the TL. Download script.