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JetBrains is dedicated to cooperating with consulting and training companies. We aim to provide you with the tools and support that help make your programs even more successful.

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Dev9 is a continuous delivery, custom software development consulting firm based in the Seattle, WA area.

We work with clients to deliver web services at scale — from inception to production. We integrate custom software development with DevOps, including the PoC, transition, and tool adoption.

Contact info:
137 Park Lane, Suite 200
Kirkland, WA 98033, USA

Edument AB — a leading software development and mentoring company in Sweden with a focus on .NET, Java, Android, Perl and web development. Our services include in-house development, high-profile specialist consulting, and mentoring and training of developers.

Edument specializes in the most challenging aspects of software development. As well as helping you solve specific problems, our knowledgeable consultants act as mentors, and aid you in improving the overall efficiency of your development process. By equipping developers with greater knowledge, more efficient working methods and improved tools, higher quality software can be developed in less time, helping to lower development costs while increasing end user satisfaction.

Contact info:
Stora Varvsgatan 6A
211 19 Malmö, Sweden

Industrial Logic is a globally recognized leader in Agile & Lean coaching, training, eLearning and eCoaching. Since the late 1990s, we have helped companies like GE, Schlumberger, Google and HP obtain excellent business and engineering results by leveraging modern software process wisdom.
We believe that safety lies at the heart of excellence. We partner with our clients to create tailored and blended solutions that leverage the safe principles and practices of Lean Startup, Test-Driven Development and other safety-oriented methods.
Learn how you can transform the software development skills of your people and teams with our skilled practitioners and industry-leading products.

Contact info:
Phone: +1-866-540-8336 (Toll-free), +1-510-540-8336

Moon Highway is a couple of experts who specialize in training mobile web development teams. We focus on building curriculum for full-stack developers and can also offer instructor-led and webinar training to groups of any skill level. In addition, our courses are based in mobile first and test driven practices to ensure that developers can create solid solutions for all devices.

Contact info:
PO BOX 1578
Tahoe City, CA 96145

bbv Software Services AG is a well-established and recognized Swiss solution provider. The company provides all services required for successful, customized software systems and software solutions for industrial, telecommunication, financial and insurance companies. bbV Software Services specializes in .NET, Agile (Scrum/TDD), JEE, Mobile, Software Quality.

Customer orientation, efficiency and a high degree of investment protection through the use of state-of-the-art methods and technologies are the center of attention in their solutions.

Contact info:
Phone: +41 41 429 0111

Full City Tech Co. specializes in custom software development consulting and also provides training for software development teams.
Headed by Wes McClure, established speaker and author, Full City Tech Co. is based in the Chicago area.

Contact info:

Canoo Engineering is a top end software company for web-based business applications developing highly innovative software frameworks and components. Thanks to over 13 years and with some of the most experienced Java developers in Europe, the Basel based company is one of the best software and IT companies in Switzerland.

Canoo offers efficient consulting services giving their customers the chance to become acquainted with the latest technologies or to take a closer look at the current trends, e. g. Groovy, Grails, Griffon, GWT, JavaFX. The company’s instructors include internationally renowned speakers, Java champions, authors as well as active open source committers.

Contact Info:

DevelopMentor logo

DevelopMentor provides solutions for all professionals involved in the life cycle of software projects including experienced developers and IT management professionals.

We deliver an in-depth curriculum: more than 60 courses available at our facilities, at your site and at our popular "Guerrilla" immersion events.

Our mission transcends delivery of training. We're committed to helping you realize the value of your learning investment, to helping your people meet your project goals and to serving as the catalyst for real change.

Contact Info:
Phone 800.699.1932
Twitter: @DevelopMentor_


Endjin is a Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in technology strategy, experience, development and the cloud.

We can help improve your development team's engineering practices; whether that is setting up a continuous integration pipeline, automating integration tests and deployments or establishing a continuous delivery approach. We can coach you through the organisational and cultural changes required to make it a successful and permanent transition.

We offer specific services around setting up TeamCity environments; on premise or enabling an on demand, elastic build infrastructure in the cloud. We can also help you back up, upgrade or migrate your TeamCity installations.

Our mantra is "work smarter" and we can help your team do that too.

Contact Info:
2 Leathermarket Street
Phone: +44 208 720 7287

SoftwareMill offers fully customizable software solutions. Delivering "Extraordinary software as a standard" is our motto.
We also provide IT consulting services, using knowledge from our day-to-day experience with tools and methodologies that help us develop software of the very best quality.
Teams at SoftwareMill follow an Agile, iterative process, which makes Continuous Integration performed by TeamCity a crucial part of our workflow. Our programmers get the best out of their skills by using IntelliJ IDEA, which allows them to switch freely between technologies like Java Enterprise Edition and Ruby on Rails.
Contact us to learn how a modern approach to software development can benefit your projects and increase your team's productivity.

Contact Info:


MiQUiDo is a fast growing, international studio focused on creating innovative and compelling mobile solutions for Android, iPhone, iPad and Google TV.
Based in Poland and the Philippines, the company offers software development services for businesses all over the world, providing startups and mature businesses with comprehensive, high quality mobile products.
MiQUiDo provides mobile technologies trainings and consulting services. Contact us to learn how to use JetBrains tools for mobile application development.

Contact Info:
Twitter: @miquido


jPower8 is based on a team of experienced and creative people. We focus mainly on developing web applications in Java and related technologies. We offer professional consulting services, custom development of applications or application modules as well as customized training of selected technologies. We also offer complete delivery of professional web-based presentations based on content management system (CMS).

Contact Info:
Tomas Topinka,
Phone: +420 774 120 709

Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz, Java Champion and Author of the JavaSpecialist newsletter offers a wide range of courses in Java and IntelliJ IDEA.

Contact Info:

Samuraism is a software reseller offering a wide range of development tools including JetBrains IDEs. We provide the best available softwares in the market along with consulting, integration, and training services to 3,000+ customers in Japan.

Contact info:
Samuraism Inc.
Sato-Building 7F, Minami-ikebukuro 2-33-6,
Toshima-ku,171-0022, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81 50-5849-5534

Infozone is an IT consulting company that understands how to make companies and organizations competitive and successful. By placing the workforce productivity up front and center we are able to deliver solutions that potentially increase profitability. We create opportunities for effective communication and collaboration by integrating systems and applications to meet the most demanding customer needs. Infozone builds and delivers state of the art solutions by combining the best of systems development, IT infrastructure, IT management and IT support and services.

Contact info:
Mattias Bylund (Business Unit Director)
Phone: +46 73 321 84 86

Sensio Labs

SensioLabs, an Open Source software and SaaS editor, is known for constantly pushing PHP language limits worldwide, especially following the creation of Symfony, the PHP framework for companies and Twig, the templating engine. Following the recent closing of 5 M€ round A financing (Dec. 2013), SensioLabs intends to increase company growth with more and more professional solutions.

In addition to the numerous service, training and support offers available, the company conceives e-solution products destined for web developers and businesses, the constant goals being improved quality, productivity, direction and deployment of its applications.

Contact Info:
Phone: +33 1 40 99 81 09

Lexik is a French web agency created in 2006. We develop web sites and web-based applications for all kind of organizations. We quickly started to work with the Symfony framework and trained our engineers so well they became true certified experts. On top of our daily projects, we now provide a very popular Symfony2 training for PHP experts, which includes the use of PhpStorm. We love JetBrains products and we wish to spread the word about the productivity they provide.

Links and contacts:
Phone: +33 (0)4 67 99 63 19

RealDolmen is an independent single source ICT solutions provider and knowledge company with almost 1600 highly skilled IT professionals and more than 1000 customers in the Benelux and France. The company offers innovative, effective and reliable ICT solutions and professional services designed to help its clients achieve their objectives by optimizing their business processes.

RealDolmen covers both infrastructure and applications solutions, supporting their full lifecycle through a plan-build-operate approach.

Contact info:
Phone: +32 2 801 55 55
Twitter: @RealDolmenTweet

itemis is an innovative IT consulting company. itemis' core competency is model-driven software development (MDSD) and the design and implementation of custom tool chains. The company offers consulting, development services and tools for the efficient development of enterprise, embedded and mobile applications.

itemis provides consulting services around MPS regarding language development, extension and tool integration ( itemis also co-develops the mbeddr IDE (, an innovative tool for embedded software development based on MPS.

For more information see

DevOpsGuys help you deliver better software, faster. Our approach has one core focus — to help you gain competitive advantage by delivering value to your business and its customers sooner. DevOpsGuys products and services are designed to create the competitive advantage achieved by faster time-to-market, by leveraging Continuous Delivery and DevOps Transformation, creating a constant flow of value to your customers without compromising on quality, performance or availability.

Contact info:
Phone: +44 (0)20 8798 3079
Contact twitter: @DevOpsGuys

DevelopIntelligence logo

DevelopIntelligence specializes in delivering highly-customized, project-specific Java training, Web Development Training, and Open Source Training courses using IntelliJ IDEA. In support of the Java and JetBrains communities, DevelopIntelligence offers a set of free presentations / instruction materials, covering topics like: JSF, Java EE, and CSS
Kelby Zorgdrager, President

Contact Info:


Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo
Develop With Passion®

Contact Info:
Phone: (503)213-3507

Falafel Software logo

Falafel Software offer consultancy and training services, specializing in Microsoft .NET and iPhone Platforms.

Contact Info:
Contact: Lino Tadros CEO

Headspring  logo

Headspring exists to help organization better fulfill their vision by exploiting information technology as an accelerator. Our deep understanding of business operations allows us to open the "black box" of information technology and implement understandable solutions in a transparent, accountable environment. As a leading software engineering firm since 2001, we help business leverage maintainable, custom software to keep them competing in, and leading their industries. Headspring is ranked #4 in the Austin Business Journal's Best Places to Work in 2012 list and Texas Monthly's Best Places to Work in 2013.

Contact Info:
10415 Morado Circle, Building 3, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone 512-459-2260
Toll Free 877-459-2260
Fax 877-745-8344
Twitter: @headspring

igloocoder logo

Donald Belcham is a senior software developer, independent contractor, and agile development expert who is a strong supporter of fundamental OO patterns and practices. He is co-author of the book, "Brownfield Application Development in .NET" (Manning Press, 2008), and actively shares his expertise with other technical professionals at user groups, code camps and conferences held throughout the world. Past lectures have covered topics that encompass development practices, quality team leadership, and the intricacies of new and emerging technologies.

Contact Info:
Donald Belcham

Jayway logo

Jayway offers certified consultants for development of platform independent IT-solutions. Our consultants have genuine technical knowledge and a wide experience of developing business critical systems. Our culture of competence attracts only the best consultants, those who are ready to delve deeper in their respective area of expertise and to share their knowledge. Whatever it takes our people are eager to go the extra mile. Some proof? Google us, check out the "thousand spoken hours" list on our web site or just read the program on our very own developer conference Øredev.

Our knowledge gives us the possibility to work with the most rewarding projects and have fun doing it. This is why our customer projects become successful.

Contact Info:


Trifork develops, sells and delivers IT solutions to the financial and public sector in Denmark. In Trifork Academy, Trifork organizes software development conferences, courses and technological networks nationally and internationally: iPhone Developer Day in Zurich, Geneva and London, QCon in San Francisco USA and London UK, JAOO in Aarhus DK, Brisbane and Sydney OZ, SpringOne in Amsterdam NL, and RubyFoo in London UK. Trifork is a leading provider of software training focusing on SCRUM, Agile, Spring, .NET and Java disciplines. Trifork has 130 employees distributed in offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, California and Switzerland.

Contact Info:

Per Lundvald
Development Manager
Trifork A/S
Margrethepladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C., Denmark
Phone +45 87 328 787
Direct +45 2925 5660
Anne Sofie Bille
Sales Manager
Trifork A/S
Margrethepladsen 4, DK-8000 Aarhus C., Denmark
Phone +45 87 32 87 87
Direct +45 87 32 87 78


Experience and bright minds instead of vendor courseware. We are different in many regards: GROSSWEBER training is the results of real consulting experience.

We start with the vision of our customers, for example the task to visualize a computing center with Expression Blend technology. From consulting, our project work and the experience gained we extract and develop our training programme. Training conducted by GROSSWEBER deals with essential and proven topics only, enhanced by community feedback. We engage with our customers by courageously examining the status quo. We help to change and shape perspectives in such a way that solutions become clear and pragmatic.

Vendor courseware is hardly neutral and oriented towards a specific platform. It is presented without including practical experience. This is why vendor-specific material is not an option for us. Our training is the direct result of hands-on consulting experience.

Many of our partners and associates are actively engaged in communities, be it a .NET User Group, the European Community Conference .NET Open Space, or by participating in Open Source projects on GitHub.

Contact Info:
Phone: +49 175 4107268

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