Kotlin Training

Certified by JetBrains

We understand the role high-quality training plays in unleashing your full potential. Kotlin Training - Certified by JetBrains is a program created to work with training providers to verify their existing Kotlin training programs and at the same time, build a trusted network of global partners.

Provide Kotlin Training - Certified by JetBrains

Program Mission

Take your Kotlin trainings to the next level. We are partnering with companies to verify their existing Kotlin trainings and join our global network.

Program Opportunities and Benefits

  • Your training is certified by JetBrains, the Creators of Kotlin
  • Instructor examination and assessment leading to certification
  • Exclusive use of Kotlin Training - Certified by JetBrains logo
  • New opportunities and increased visibility as part Kotlin training network
  • Direct program contact at JetBrains

Partner Prequalification

  • The course instructor must be the person who applies for the certification
  • Trainer must have strong Kotlin knowledge across a variety of topics
  • Training must be submitted for review in English or Russian
  • Content must be created and owned by the training company or based upon Kotlin Workshop Materials
  • Proven professional experience in software training/consulting

Kotlin Training - Certified by JetBrains

If you are interested in having your Kotlin Training - Certified by JetBrains, please submit information about your training and expertise for our review.

Get Kotlin Training from JetBrains and Certified Partners

Program Mission

Are you looking to learn Kotlin or deepen your existing skills? Whether your team is just getting started with Kotlin, or you are looking for advanced training, we are here to help.

Program Benefits

  • Kotlin training from JetBrains (the creator of Kotlin) and Certified Training Partners
  • Training for all Kotlin experience levels, from novice through advanced
  • Accelerate your adoption of Kotlin and increase your team productivity
  • The training has been verified by Kotlin team members
  • Flexible training schedule and delivery to meet your specific needs

Getting Started with Kotlin Training

  • Complete and submit the training request form
  • Based on your requirements we will help find the right training for your team
  • You will work with the training provider to finalize the requirements and delivery details

Try Kotlin Today!

If you are interested in trying Kotlin right now or just learning more in general, we invite you to visit the Kotlin website.