CLion Team

C++ is a challenging programming language which power is unbeatable in many areas of software development. And we're passionate about crafting the tool that helps the C++ community use this language in a most productive and safe way.

Dmitry Kozhevnikov

“While using C++ for daily development before JetBrains, I was lucky enough to successfully escape from various language corner cases. With joining the CLion team, developing mostly in Java and Kotlin, I surprisingly feel I know the C++ language better than before.”

Dmitry Kozhevnikov, Team Lead

Tricky C++ is our every-day challenge

In such a mature modern programming language as C++, there is always a use-case for even the trickiest language aspect. As IDE makers, we must support it. Tackling this challenge and always being ready to help is our mission and passion

C++ community is our family

Being distributed across St. Petersburg, Moscow, Munich, Turku, and London, we take care of the local communities in these places. And at the same time keep in touch with C++ communities around the globe.

  • Meet us in person at CppCon, Meeting C++, ACCUConf, C++ Russia, C++Now and other community events across the globe.
  • Learn from our developer advocate, Phil Nash, who is also an author of Catch testing framework, co-host of CppChat podcast, and organizer of a C++ conference in the UK.
  • Join us in the C++ standard committee, where we are taking care about language toolability aspect.
  • Meet other C++ developers at the two local user group events we run: in St. Petersburg, Russia, and London, UK. Join if you are around!

CLion’s Twelve

Many JetBrainers (as a company and as individuals) are involved in some acts of charity, giving money, help, care, and support to those who need it. As one of such stories, the CLion team became a member of the Adopt-a-Seal of the Month Club at the Marine Mammal Center, CA, US, in order to help feed and cure the patients, as well as to fund research into marine mammal diseases and educate the public.

Fancy joining our team?

If you share our passion for C++ and would like to contribute to the C++ IDE, drop us a note together with your CV.

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