PhpStorm Team

PHP has a vibrant ecosystem, with new versions of the language and related frameworks appearing all the time. As a language, PHP offers non-trivial solutions to common problems, and we, at PhpStorm, strive to make the life of PHP developers easier. Each member of our team brings something important to the table – a new perspective, an idea, or a concern. At the same time, we often join our efforts and work together to solve issues.

Kirill Smelov

“On our team, developers design new features, look for bugs, perform testing, and bring new ideas. Anyone can propose a change to any area, not necessarily the one they're directly responsible for.

We value what we're doing and concentrate both on our users' happiness and on exploring new challenging areas.”

Kirill Smelov, Software Developer

Andrei Sokolov

“Our developers not only write code, but communicate with the users directly, both in the issue tracker and in person. We commonly attend conferences to represent the company, give a talk, and collect some valuable feedback. Communication is key to creating a truly good product.”

Andrei Sokolov, Software Developer

Svetlana Zemlyanskaya

“It's nice to be surrounded by people you can rely on. All of them care about the product and are always ready to discuss new ideas. A lot of cool features were born out of a casual coffee chat and then transformed into a valuable part of the product.”

Svetlana Zemlyanskaya, Software Developer

Maxim Kolmakov

“An IDE is a very complex application that works with text, so the number of possible input data is indefinite. You have to be creative to understand what really matters for the end-users and where critical issues may occur. Besides, an IDE is almost a real-time application that should be very responsive to be comfortable to use, so performance is always our top priority. And performance testing is challenging if done right.”

Maxim Kolmakov, QA Engineer

Artemy Pestretsov

“All team members care about the usability of new features and good user experience. The code that we write must be performant, effective, and well written.”

Artemy Pestretsov, Software Developer

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If you are passionate about working in a team that prides itself on writing high-quality, robust, performance-optimized code and would like to bring changes to help others with their development, send us your CV with a letter outlining why you would like to join our PhpStorm team.

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