YouTrack Team

“Make the tool fit every process,
not the other way around.”

YouTrack team’s motto

A Product for Everyone

Valerie Andrianova

“YouTrack is a product for every member of a team, so we have a wide range of tasks and a variety of cases that we need to cover. We are excited to explore the external world of our customers and to match their requirements with our own ideas.”

Valerie Andrianova, Product Marketing Manager

YouTrack is used by many developer teams, designer teams, and marketing teams all over the world. We challenge ourselves to cover this wide range of processes and unlock the full power of every type of team, as well as to cover our own internal needs at JetBrains.

Agile Team

Maria Davydova

“The charm of our team is that at any given time we know what’s going on and where the product is moving this release, this day, this very moment. YouTrack is agile in every way.”

Maria Davydova, Software Developer

At JetBrains, dogfooding is one of the key principles of product development. So while building a tool that conformed to the main principles of an Agile framework, we knew we had to experience Agile firsthand. That’s how we started practicing Scrum.

Open to Experimenting

In YouTrack, there’s always room for trying out new things. If one of us feels like changing their role, exploring another subsystem, or switching to a different task, they just go for it! It only helps us accomplish more together.

Maxim Ryzhikov

“Our team has a living mind, always looking for something new. We thrive on customer feedback to help us find the best solutions.”

Maxim Ryzhikov, Frontend Developer

Anna Zhdan

“YouTrack is a most adventurous and liberal team. You can experiment and learn new things, and it’s always encouraged.”

Anna Zhdan, Scrum Master
and Backend Developer

Aleksandr Anisimov

“I love being able to bring out to our users the features I want to have in the product myself.”

Aleksandr Anisimov, Frontend Developer

Informal Atmosphere

Daria Vasina

“At YouTrack, you’ll never be left alone to struggle through a challenging problem. No matter how specific your task is, there’s always someone to help you out.”

Daria Vasina, Junior Software Developer

Scott Adams

“I like my work on the team because we get to have access to the development team, which a lot of people don't. It’s really natural to us.”

Scott Adams, Technical Writer

Alexander Volfman

“High concentration of talented and energetic people, very professional and versatile. We hang out together, play football, kicker and other sports. Since people are so connected, it’s tough in the beginning to incorporate into their cultural and technical context, but when you manage, you get all the benefits of being a part of the real team.”

Alexander Volfman, Backend Developer

Mitya Gizatov

“The most informal and open-minded group I’ve ever worked in. I enjoy watching how my ideas get into the product before I switch to other tasks – this motivates me a lot.”

Mitya Gizatov, UI/UX Designer

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