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A project management tool that can be adapted to your processes to help you deliver great products. Track tasks and bugs, plan sprints and releases, create workflows, and customize YouTrack for your business processes. Never force your process to fit the limits of a tool again. Unlike other issue trackers, YouTrack can be customized to your needs!

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Be Agile

Agile Boards

YouTrack lets you configure an Agile Board for any process you can dream up. Use the Agile boards to support you with your Scrum, Kanban, and mixed processes.

Be Agile your way - create boards with multiple projects, add swimlanes based on user stories, epics, deadlines, or any other fields. See the changes that are applied to the board or in the backlog in real time.


Plan the future of your project development with the flexible backlog. Create user stories, feature requests and tasks. Don’t switch between tabs - open the backlog right from the board, edit it and move issues to the sprint.

agile board

Monitor the progress of your product


Keep track of your project, team, and personal progress using dozens of predefined reports. See how your issues are distributed over the projects, assignees, and priorities. Check on how you are progressing over time using the timeline reports. Track the estimated and the actual time spent on various activities.


Get an overview of your projects using multiple dashboards and share them with your team. Place reports, markdown notes, and issue lists as widgets or create your own widgets if you're in need of more data!

Time Management

Use time management on a per project basis to control the estimated and actual time spent on various activities by each team member and over the whole team. Create time reports and share them with the stakeholders and customers. Plan ahead with your project activities using a Gantt Chart and track your progress as you go, making sure you stay on schedule.


Create Knowledge Base

Your team documentation

Have you ever thought of keeping all your product documentation and personal notes together, right near your issues and projects? YouTrack now includes Knowledge Base, a project collaboration tool where you can add project plans, team policies, and meeting notes. Group them by project and structure them in page trees, and decide who will have access to the workspace. Organize everything your way – for example, manage requirements and plan future releases with tables and checklists, or discuss your team-building activities with gifs and embedded videos.

Knowledge Base

Public knowledge base

Build an awesome public knowledge base with guides and FAQs for your users. Share your team’s collective knowledge – as texts, videos, or gifs – to bring the best user experience to your customers or colleagues. Let them find answers in one click using powerful full-text search, take part in discussions in comments, and never lose an idea with the article history feature.

Bring IDE-style intelligence to your issue tracking

Smart search

Never get lost in your issues! Find things quickly using the smart search with auto-completion.
For example, #YouTrack -{Board YouTrack} #unresolved assigned to: me sort by: priority will find you the unresolved issues that are not on the board assigned to you and will sort the results based on priority. See, how intuitive!

Commands and shortcuts

Modify multiple issues quickly and efficiently using commands. Speed up your routine operations using shortcuts just like you would in your favorite IDE. Save time and stay focused on what's important.

New issue list

Import your projects, users, and issues from Jira and other trackers

Move from Jira to YouTrack with one click! Using other trackers? Check out all the migration options.

Move to YouTrack and get 25% discount off for any commercial plan!

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  1. Register YouTrack InCloud or download a Standalone version.
  2. Fill the form and provide a receipt of the license certificate.

YouTrack Mobile. Access to your issues and tasks from your pocket.

Follow your team’s flow

The power of workflows

Adopt ready-to-use workflows, tweak them, or create your own

Tune your issues

Customize your issues to suit your project’s specific needs

Choose your language

Track in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, or Russian

More about customization

Why YouTrack?

Created with every member of the team in mind


  • Fix bugs from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket commits
  • Work with tasks from your IDE
  • Link issues with code reviews in Upsource

QAs and Testers

  • Enjoy instant issue reporting with a built-in image editor and multiple issue drafts
  • Link issues with test cases from TestLink, TestRail, TesLodge
  • Link TeamCity builds to bugs


  • Practice Scrum or Kanban
  • Use time management
  • Enjoy powerful reporting and analytics
  • Customize your workflows


  • Comfortably work with attachments
  • Embed image previews in comments

Support Engineers

  • Mailbox integration converts your customer emails to issues
  • Integrate with Zendesk

How do I convince my manager?

Some good reasons to switch to YouTrack


Switch issues to agile cards

Agile board is an alternative way to view your issue list. Use a board to follow Scrum or Kanban, or any custom process. Visualize your progress over time. Plan your sprints and manage backlogs, create multiple and personal boards. All this comes with smart search, commands and shortcut support.


Estimate and track time accurately

Release your team from painful daily/weekly timesheets. Make time tracking a part of their daily tracking process. Developers use geeky commands to add work to one or multiple issues. You get the remaining time for the whole feature or epic, and create a time report for every developer, or the whole team.


Track progress at a glance

Keep your fingers on your team’s pulse with a live dashboard. Use various reports to track progress and project state from every perspective: customer requests, team progress over time, top assignees and reporters, task distribution, burndown and cumulative flow, time reports, and more.


Make your team productive

Your goal is to create a cool product. Great teams develop great products. So make your team happy! Save their time on processing bugs, tasks and reporting time, by giving them a tool they’ll love working with. As your team gets more time for development, you get a clear, organized process.


Fit your process

Follow your own process with customizable workflows. You get an IDE with a DSL to define workflows with code, precisely and flexibly. Describe the path an issue needs to go, automate next steps, or set a schedule for automated actions and notifications. All issue fields are customizable, and the tracker speaks your language.


Migrate your Jira projects with just a click

Import your Jira projects inside YouTrack UI, keeping your history, comments, users, groups, time entries, projects, issues, and fields. Or synchronize your changes, if you need more time to switch.

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Michael Hedgpeth

YouTrack puts users first, makes common workflows easy, and is a pleasure to use. If you want to simply get things done, go with YouTrack.


«Really enjoying using @youtrack from Jetbrains, <3 all the inline editing and the command dialog is so handy.»

Marvin Burman
«YouTrack is a very stable and consistent product.
We value its rich functionality, speed and efficiency.»


Been a @youtrack user for ages but became an admin today & am seriously impressed with it's flexibility. Great work tracking tool. Good job!


Times like this I love TeamCity & YouTrack @jetbrains you guys are lifesavers

Nathalie Doremieux

Just started using YouTrack for our dev team to track tasks and bugs, super simple to use so far so good! @youtrack #cooltools

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