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Configuring Debugger Options

CLion supports debugging for C/C++ executables using GDB. CLion provides you with the bundled version of GDB, but you can use any compatible GDB version installed on your platform.

To configure settings required for debugging, perform the following general steps

  1. In the Toolchains Dialog Box, check up the actual GDB executable: bundled or specific. Change the current setting, if required.
  2. In the Settings dialog box, configure the debugger options:
    • Under the Build, Execution and Deployment, click Debugger, and define the debugger options as required.

Adjusting the GDB start-up delay

As it is known, there exists delay between the program launch and start of its execution. This time is needed to allocate code in memory, load and deploy program's components, libraries, data, etc. For that reason, start of GDB follows the program's launch with a delay as well. The value of that delay is predefined in CLion IDE. However, for massive projects this value can be insufficient, or vice versa, excessive for compact ones. You can adjust the value of delay to fit exactly your project. To change delay time for GDB to start, do the following:

open .vmoptions file, and add there the following command:


Refer to Tuning CLion topic for details on path to .vmoption file, specific for different platforms, and other examples of how to tune CLion.

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Last modified: 20 July 2016