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Configuring Inspection for Different Scopes

By default, all enabled code inspections apply to all project files. If necessary, you can configure each code inspection (enable/disable, change its severity level and options) individually for different scopes. Such configurations, like any other inspection settings, are saved and applied as part of a specific profile.

There may be complicated cases when an inspection has different configurations associated with different scopes. When such inspection is executed in a file belonging to some or all of these scopes, the settings of the highest priority scope-specific configuration are applied. The priorities are defined by the relative position of the inspection's scope-specific configuration in inspection settings: the uppermost configuration has the highest priority. The Everywhere else configuration always has the lowest priority.

To define the order of scopes:

  1. In the Inspections page of the Settings/Preferences dialog, click the button In All Scopes:

    cl inspection scopes

  2. Choose Edit Scopes Order... from the scopes drop-down list.

  3. In the Scopes Order dialog box that opens, select the desired scope, and click the up and down arrows icons actions moveUp svgicons actions moveDown svg:

    cl scopes order

Last modified: 27 November 2018

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