CLion 2018.3 Help

Build and Rebuild Projects

Build menu incorporates actions associated with building, cleaning, and installing the project. For CMake projects, this menu provides the following options:

build menu

Build Project

Builds the all target from each CMake profile configured for the current project:

build project action
This action serves as the most global build action, as it does not require a CMake profile or Run/Debug configuration to be preselected.

Build All in <selected profile>

Builds the all target from the current CMake profile.

You can configure the profiles in CMake settings and then select the desired one in the Run/Debug configuration switcher.

Build <selected configuration>

Builds the selected Run/Debug configuration.

Recompile <current file>

Compiles the currently opened file or a group of files, if selected in the Project View. When used for multiple files, the recompilation stops upon the first compilation failure.

This action is also available for compilation database projects.


Runs cmake install for the currently selected CMake profile (see CMake Install for details).

Rebuild Project

Calls Clean for all the CMake profiles and then Build Project.

Rebuild All in <selected profile>

Calls Clean and then Build All in <selected profile>.

Rebuild <selected configuration>

Calls Clean and then Build <selected configuration>:

rebuild configuration


Cleans the project by building the clean target from the current CMake profile.

Last modified: 14 February 2019