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CLion Nova live templates for C++

On this page, you can configure and create live templates for C++ code.

Live templates for C++

Use live templates to insert common constructs into your code, such as loops, conditions, declarations, or print statements.

Select the template from the list. The bottom-left pane will show the expanded stub code. Use this pane if you need to edit the template.

Table below describes the controls of the bottom-right area of the dialog:


Use this abbreviation to insert the live template. Press Tab after you type it in the editor.


This field gives a brief description of each template.


Use these checkboxes to reformat the inserted code and shorten the qualified names.


Click this button to open the Availability configuration dialog. In this dialog, specify the context where the template will be applied.

Use in

Choose whether the template will be applied in code generation, the Surround With action, or both.

Show in context action

With this option enabled, the applicable template will be shown in the actions menu.

Edit variables

Click to open the dialog where you can edit the template variables.

Surround a block of code with a live template

You can quickly surround a block with one of the available live templates.

  1. In the editor, select the piece of code to be surrounded.

  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+J.

  3. Select the desired template from the list:

    Surround with menu
  4. CLion Nova will surround the code with the selected template:

    Result of surrounding a block of code with a live template
Last modified: 16 April 2024