CLion 2021.2 Help


Refactor This...Ctrl+Alt+Shift+TChoose the desired refactoring for the selected symbol or code fragment.
RenameShift+F6Rename the selected file, class, field, method, etc. and change all references to it accordingly.
Change SignatureCtrl+F6Change the signature of the selected method and update all the corresponding method calls.
MoveF6Move the selected class, package or static member to another package or class and update all the corresponding references.
CopyF5Create a copy of the selected class, file or directory in the same or different directory or package.
Safe DeleteAlt+DeleteDelete the selected class, method or field checking its usages.
Extract MethodCtrl+Alt+MTurn the selected code fragment into a method.
Introduce VariableCtrl+Alt+VCreate a new variable and use the selected expression as its value.
Introduce ConstantCtrl+Alt+CCreate a new constant (static final field) and use the selected expression as its value.
Introduce ParameterCtrl+Alt+PTurn the selected expression into a new method parameter.
Extact DefineCtrl+Alt+DDefine symbol or expression as macros
Extract typedefCtrl+Alt+KDefine symbol using the typedef declaration
InlineCtrl+Alt+NInline the selected method or variable.
Last modified: 14 July 2021