CLion 2021.2 Help

Running and debugging

FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
RunShift+F10Run a program.
Choose configuration and runAlt+Shift+F10Quickly select run/debug configuration and run or edit it.
RerunCtrl+F5Repeat execution with the same settings, with the same tab of the Run tool window having the focus.
Rerun without loosing focus in the editorShift+F10Repeat execution with the same settings, with the same tab of the editor having the focus.
DebugShift+F9Debug a program.
Choose configuration and debugAlt+Shift+F9Quickly select run/debug configuration and debug or edit it.
Step OverF8Step to the next line in the current file.
Step IntoF7Step to the next executed line.
Step OutShift+F8Step to a first executed line after returning from the current method.
Force Step OverAlt+Shift+F8Run until the next line in this method or file, skipping the methods referenced at the current execution point and ignoring breakpoints.
Force Step IntoAlt+Shift+F7Steps into the method called in the current execution point even if this method is to be skipped.
Run to CursorAlt+F9Run to the line where the caret is located.
Force Run To CursorCtrl+Alt+F9Run to the line where the caret is located, ignoring breakpoints.
Resume ProgramF9Resume program execution.
Pause ProgramCtrl+Pause

Click this button to pause program execution.

Stop ProgramShift+F2Terminate a debugging session.
Evaluate ExpressionAlt+F8Evaluate an arbitrary expression.
Quick Evaluate ExpressionCtrl+Alt+F8Evaluate an arbitrary expression without calling the Evaluate Expression dialog.
Toggle breakpoint at the current line.Ctrl+F8

You can temporarily mute all the breakpoints in a project to execute the program without stopping at breakpoints.

View BreakpointsCtrl+Shift+F8View/manage all breakpoints.
Last modified: 08 March 2021