CLion 2022.3 Help

Rename dialog for a file/directory

Use this dialog to rename file or directory.

In addition to renaming a file/directory itself, CLion can also look for the usages of the file/directory name. If found, the changes you are making can also be applied to these usages.



Rename <file> (<directory>) and its usages to

Specify a new name for the file (directory).

Search for references

If this option is on, CLion will look for occurrences of the file/directory name in code files.

Whether or not a string literal is a reference is defined by the language used in a source file.

Search in comments and strings

If this checkbox is selected, CLion will look for occurrences of file/directory name within comments and string literals in your source code files.


Use this option to set a scope for the Rename refactoring. For example, you can limit the refactoring to only recently changed files, or to only open files, and so on. You can also create a custom scope that you can either share or keep local.

Last modified: 17 January 2023