CLion 2024.1 Help

RESTful web services

CLion provides support for developing, debugging, and testing of Java web services that comply to the representational state transfer (REST) architectural pattern. This includes various assistance features for the following:

Since REST is an architectural pattern, there is no definite workflow to develop RESTful web services. This section outlines some common approaches to developing REST applications in CLion.

Developing RESTful web services

  1. Make sure to enable the Jakarta EE: RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) bundled plugin and either create a new Jakarta EE project or module, or enable the RESTful web services development support for an existing module.

  2. Create the necessary classes and methods in the RESTful web service module.

  3. Configure the artifacts to deploy.

  4. Create a run configuration. On the Deployment tab, specify the artifacts to deploy.

  5. Deploy the web service to an HTTP server and start the server.

  6. Run the application locally or on a remote host.

  7. Test the RESTful web service using the built-in HTTP client.

Last modified: 17 June 2024