JetBrains CodeCanvas 2024.1 Help


You can receive email notifications about various events in CodeCanvas. Currently, only events related to warm-up are supported. Notifications are sent to the email address specified in your profile.

Create email notification

To create a subscription

  1. On the sidebar menu, click your name and select Subscriptions.

  2. Click New personal feed.

  3. Specify feed name and other settings.

  4. Select event sources you want to receive notifications about. Currently, only Dev environment warm-ups is available.

  5. Select events you want to receive notifications about.

If you want to create a more thorough notification filter, for example, receive notifications only for specific namespaces or templates, you can create a custom subscription.

To create a custom subscription

  1. In the subscription settings, under Custom Subscriptions, click Add subscription.

  2. Specify the subscription name and select the event source.

  3. Specify namespaces, templates, and other filters.

  4. Specify events you want to receive notifications about.

  5. Click Save.

Last modified: 17 May 2024