JetBrains CodeCanvas 2024.1 Help

Username and Password

Forgot password

If you forgot your password and can't log in to CodeCanvas, you can reset it:

  1. On the login screen, click Reset password.

  2. Enter your email address that you use in CodeCanvas.

  3. You will receive an email with a link to the password reset page. Follow the link and enter your new password.

Forgot username

If you forgot your username (and/or password) and can't log in to CodeCanvas, use the Reset password link on the login screen as described above.

After resetting your password, you will be automatically logged in to CodeCanvas.

You can look up your username on your profile page. On the top left, click your profile picture.

Change password

You can proceed to change your password from the login page, by clicking the Reset password link as describe above.

However, if you're currently logged in to CodeCanvas:

  1. On the sidebar menu, click your name and select Logins.

  2. Click Change password.

  3. Enter your old password and the new one and click Save.

Delete wrong login credentials from your account

If you've mistakenly used wrong credentials to log in to CodeCanvas (for example, you used your home Gmail address instead of the work one), you can remove them from your account:

  1. On the sidebar menu, click your name and select Logins.

  2. Locate the wrong login on the list and click Delete.

Last modified: 17 May 2024