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Personal Parameters

Your project might require sensitive data, for example, user credentials for downloading binary dependencies, API keys for accessing third-party services, and other secrets. CodeCanvas lets you provide such data to dev environments as environment variables or files.

How this works:

  1. A namespace administrator defines the required environment variables or files (i.e., parameters) in the dev environment template. Learn more

  2. A developer defines the values for the parameters in their personal user storage in CodeCanvas. Learn more

  3. When creating a dev environment, the developer is asked to provide the exact values for variables or files. The values are taken from the user storage. Learn more

(Namespace admin) Define the required personal parameters

  1. To define the parameters, use the Personal parameters section of a dev environment template.

    Personal parameters
  2. To add a parameter provided as an environment variable or a file, click Add parameter in the corresponding section.

  3. Specify parameter settings:

    • Required – If the parameter is marked as Required, a user will be asked to provide a value for it when creating a dev environment. If the parameter is Optional, the user can skip providing a value.

    • Name (for environment variables) – the name of the environment variable. Users will be able to reference it inside their dev environments.

    • Path (for files) – the absolute path to the file on a target dev environment. For example, ~/secrets/api_keys/weather_api_key.txt

    • Description – a short description of the parameter.

(Developer) Use personal parameters

To add personal parameters to your storage

  1. Find the namespace.

  2. On the sidebar menu, click your name and select Personal Parameters.

  3. Create a parameter by clicking New parameter.

  4. Specify Key (a parameter name) and a parameter Value.

To use personal parameters in a dev environment

  • When creating a new dev environment, in the New Dev Environment window, under Personal parameters, assign environment variables or files to the corresponding parameters.

    Note that the specified parameters are set only in newly created dev environments. There will be no such variables or files in the existing dev environments.

Last modified: 17 May 2024