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Disable various connections in Code With Me session

In some cases due to security or other reasons you might need to disable some types of connections inside a Code With Me session.

For this purpose you can use the following parameters:

  • p2pEnabled

  • relayEnabled

  • directConnectionsEnabled

  • telephonyEnabled

  • turnRelayEnabled

By default, the parameters are enabled. Setting them to false, will block an attempt to use the corresponding feature.

The locations of the configuration files that you need to create for each parameter depend your operating system. The content of each file is set to false.

Check the following examples for the locations based on the OS:

/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/CodeWithMe/telephonyEnabled false

(where telephonyEnabled is the name of the file)

/etc/xdg/JetBrains/CodeWithMe/telephonyEnabled false

(where telephonyEnabled is the name of the file)

Configuration method: System-wide registry key:


(both 32 and 64 registry)

Create a Windows Registry record where a name is equal to the name of the feature and the value is set to false.

Windows registry
Last modified: 19 March 2024