CodeWithMe Help

System requirements and API calls

Network requirements

Even if you setup a local on-premises Code With Me, you may need to add the following JetBrains' URLs to the allowed list:





These addresses provide guests with a corresponding version of the Code With Me Guest (thin client) that must suit the host IDE's version.

By default local setup mode (e.g., quick setup), the session traffic between users stays on the internal network among internal components - but the required files will be downloaded from JetBrains.

For full offline mode, you need to create local storage. Please refer to "Offline (local storage) mode"page.

You can use system environment variable https_proxy to set up host, port, user, and password (optional) in the following format:


System restrictions
  • On-premises components can be launched on Linux-based machines only. Code With Me sessions participants can use other OSes.

  • Local storage mode supports only versions since 2021.1+

  • Minimal system requirements: 2 GB RAM, 64-bit versions of Linux distribution

Usage statistics API endpoint

Since build 1636, lobby server provides an option to get the real-time statistics (not historical data) about occupied slots in the Enterprise license used by on-premises setup:


  • The endpoint is accessible only with an authentication token which needs to be set via the environment variable STATS_ENDPOINT_AUTH_TOKEN on the lobby instance

  • The authentication token must be passed via Basic HTTP authentication (with any user and password = STATS_ENDPOINT_AUTH_TOKEN) or by Bearer HTTP authentication.

Example curl query:

curl --fail -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN-VALUE"

Last modified: 19 March 2024