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Documentation tool window

Among other elements, the IDE internal Quick Documentation is available for code elements and symbols, database objects, details about values in the selected table cells, etc.

By default, DataGrip shows Quick Documentation in a popup; to view it in the tool window, click in the popup and choose Open in Documentation Tool Window or press Ctrl+Q twice.

DataGrip: Documentation tool window




the Back button the Forward button

Left or Right

Switch to the previous or go to the next documentation page (for example, after clicking hyperlinks).

On macOS, you can also use the three-finger right-to-left and left-to-right swipe gestures.

the Edit Source button


Navigate to the source code of the symbol whose documentation is currently open.


  • Show Documentation Popup First: show documentation in a popup when you press Ctrl+Q. Press Ctrl+Q the second time to open the documentation in the tool window.

    Disable the option to always show quick documentation in the tool window.

  • Show on Mouse Move: show quick documentation when you hover over code elements in the editor. When the option is disabled, you need to press Ctrl+Q to view code documentation.

  • Open as Popup Ctrl+Q: show code documentation in a popup instead of the tool window.

  • Auto-update from Source: when this option is enabled, the content of the tool window changes as you move the mouse pointer in the editor.

    If the Show on Mouse Move option is disabled, place the caret at the symbol and press Ctrl+Q to see its documentation in the tool window.

  • Close All: close the tool window and all currently open tabs.

  • Adjust Font Size: display a slider for changing the font size.

  • View Mode: by default, the tool window is attached to the edge of the main window and is always visible. You can change the view mode, for example, to make it visible only when active or to detach it from the tool window bar.

  • Move to: select where to attach the tool window.

  • Resize: adjust the size of the tool window.

  • Remove from Sidebar: close the tool window. To reopen it, select View | Tool Windows | Documentation from the main menu.

Last modified: 06 May 2024