DataGrip 2022.2 Help

Release notes

This section lists functionality added to DataGrip in the current release. To view release notes for other DataGrip versions, click the version switcher on the help site and select the version that you need.

Release notes

Import and export: import multiple CSV files

You can select multiple CSV files and import them to your database. In the Database Explorer (View | Tool Windows | Database Explorer), select multiple CSV files and click Open. Specify the data conversion settings for every file and click Import to import them.

Import multiple CSV files into a database

DDL data source: filter files and folders using file scopes

Now you can use file scopes to add and filter the files and folders that are used as sources for your DDL data source. This way, the excluded files will be ignored when you dump the DDL files to the existing DDL data source.

In the Database Explorer (View | Tool Windows | Database Explorer), click the Data Source Properties icon. In the Sources pane, click the Add button (the Add button) and select one of the following options:

  • To use the existing scope, select it from the menu.

  • To create a group of files specifically for the current DDL data source, select Anonymous Scope. This scope will not be stored among others.

  • To edit the existing scope or create a new one, click Edit Scopes.

Filter the files and folders using scopes

Usability: updated structure in Keymap

DataGrip has a new structure for Keymap categories. Refer to the Database parent group to find all the actions related to database functionality.

Updated structure of the Keymap categories

Usability: Merge All Project Windows on macOS

On macOS, use the Window | Merge All Project Windows action to merge all the open project windows and turn them into tabs.

Oracle, Vertica: password expiration warning

If the password to your Oracle or Vertica database has an expiration date, DataGrip will display a corresponding warning upon the Test Connection to the database being established.

Microsoft SQL Server: support for collations and charsets

Collations and charsets are now generated with the table's DDL.

Basic database support

The following databases were added to the basic support list: DuckDB, Mimer SQL, Apache Ignite.

Updated structure of the Keymap categories
Last modified: 01 June 2022