DataGrip 2022.3 Help

Release notes

This section lists functionality added to DataGrip in the current release. To view release notes for other DataGrip versions, click the version switcher on the help site and select the version that you need.

Release notes

Database Explorer

Speed search filter

You can now toggle the speed search filter to filter the search results.

Pattern-based schema filter

Databases and schemas can now be filtered using regular expression patterns. Click add pattern to add a filtering node to your database tree. You can add multiple filtering nodes, their patterns will combine multiplicities, not intersect them.

The All schemas node behaves differently now: it does not select the default schema automatically. You need to select between All schemas, Default schema, or a filtering node.

Regular expressions in pattern-based schema filter

Colors for global data sources

Now when you set the color for the global data source, it is shared along with this data source.

Drag a script file to run

To run a script file, drag it from the Files tool window to the schema in Database Explorer that you want to run it against.

Data Editor

Custom formats for Date/Time fields

Use the custom format settings to customize the format of Date/Time fields in data editor. In the Settings/Preferences dialog (Ctrl+Alt+S), navigate to Database | Data Editor and Viewer | Custom Date/Time Formats and set the custom format of required field.

Settings for custom formats for Date/Time fields

Import and export: WHERE clause extractor

To extract the selected range of values as part of the WHERE clause, from the list of data extractors, select Where Clause.

For the extracted values:

  • Values within one column are combined with the OR operator.

  • Values within one row are combined with the AND operator.

  • If values of only one column are extracted, they are combined into an IN operator.

Import multiple CSV files into a database

SQL quick filtering by multiple values

To use multiple values for the quick filter in data editor, select the required cells, right-click them, and navigate to the action in Filter by group. DataGrip will generate a filtering condition wih the values.

Filter by multiple values

Populate text search field with selection

To automatically populate the search field with a search value from a certain cell, select the cell and call up a text search by pressing Ctrl+F.

BigQuery: struct values display

For the BigQuery struct values, each nested value now is displayed as a separate column.

Working with code

Intention action preview

To see the preview of alteration that DataGrip will apply to your query, open the list of suggestions by clicking the bulb icon or pressing Alt+Enter, and hover the mouse over the options.

Single line copy workflow

If nothing is selected in the line of code, to copy the entire line to another code fragment, press Ctrl+C. To paste the line to the code line N, put the caret to that line and press Ctrl+V. The copied line will be pasted as a new line with caret return to code line N+1.

Working with tables

PostgreSQL, MySQL: table size in Quick Documentation

For PostgreSQL and MySQL, the table preview in Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) popup now also displays information about the table size.


New UI toggle

DataGrip new UI is now available to switch on and off in the settings. To toggle it, open settings by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S and navigate to Appearance & Behavior | New UI | Enable new UI.

Toggle new UI
New UI

In the diagram context menu, the following navigation actions are now available in Selected Element Actions | Go To:

  • Data: open data.

  • Go to DDL: open DDL.

  • Database Explorer: select in the Database Explorer.

Go To navigation in diagrams

MongoDB: authentication options

Many new authentication mechanisms are added to the connection dialog for MongoDB. To use them, update your driver to the version 1.16.

Last modified: 05 December 2022