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Smart Keys settings: Markdown

Use this settings page to configure typing assistance features in Markdown.

Install the Markdown plugin

This functionality relies on the Markdown plugin, which you need to install and enable.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open settings and then select Plugins.

  2. Open the Marketplace tab, find the Markdown plugin, and click Install (restart the IDE if prompted).

For more information about Markdown support in DataGrip, see Markdown.

Settings | Editor | General | Smart Keys | Markdown


Reformat table when typing

Automatically adjust the rows and columns of tables to fit the content into the cells.

Insert HTML line break ('</br>') instead of new line inside table cells

Add a proper line break when you press Enter inside a table cell. Without this option, the line will not actually break in the rendered HTML. You need to add an empty line if you want to start a new paragraph.

Use Shift+Enter to insert new table row

Press Shift + Enter to add a new table row.

Use Tab/Shift+Tab to navigate table cells

Press Tab to jump to the next table cell. Press Shift + Tab to jump to the previous table cell.


Adjust indentation on type

Automatically adjust the indentation for list items when you type.

Use smart Enter and Backspace

Press Enter to add new list items. Press Backspace to remove the item bullets.

Renumber list when typing

Automatically adjust the numbering of ordered lists as you type.


Insert links to images or files on drag-and-drop

Drag and drop images and other files into the Markdown file editor to automatically generate a reference.

For more information, refer to the Markdown topic.

Last modified: 07 May 2024