DataGrip 2022.3 Help

Source file structure

By default, DataGrip shows all objects, queries, and other elements of the current file. To toggle the elements you want to show, click the corresponding buttons on the Structure tool window toolbar. For example, click the DDL statements icon the DDL statements icon to see all DDL statements in the opened file.

To see a reference on possible icons in the Structure tool window, see Icons for data sources and their elements.

Structure tool window

Toolbar icons of the Structure tool window



Sort Alphabetically

Alphabetically: sort the list alphabetically.

Group by type

Group by type: group statements by their type (for example, DDL statements, DML statements, SELECT statements, and Other).

DDL statements

DDL statements: show DDL statements.

DML statements

DML statements: show DML statements.

SELECT statements

SELECT statements: show SELECT statements.

Other statements

SELECT statements: show other types of statements.

Navigate with Single Click

Navigate with Single Click: navigate to a declaration of the item in the source code when you select the item in the Structure tool window.

Always Select Opened Element

Always Select Opened Element: navigate to the item in the Structure tool window when you click the item declaration in the source code.

Last modified: 30 November 2022