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Configure plans

You can assign configured plans to your registered users to better control the resources allowed under your license.

  1. To enable plan configuration, set the ENABLE_PLANS parameter to true in one of the following files:
    • Kubernetes installation: user_config.yaml

    • AWS installation: datalore.env

  2. Configure plans in the plans_config.yaml file. When adding or configuring a plan, specify the following parameters:
    planIdUnique plan ID. Used when assigning plans to users.
    defaultSpecifies if this is the default plan. Make sure one of your plans has this parameter set to true. This plan is assigned automatically when no other plan or a plan with an incorrect ID is assigned.
    instanceDurationQuotaMapMonthly instance quota. To specify an instance, use the instanceTypeId value from the agents_config.yaml file. Follow the pattern PdDThHmMs.sS, where:
    • d- number of days

    • h- number of hours

    • m- number of seconds

    • s.s- number of seconds

    If a value is equal to 0, it can be skipped. For example, PT10H indicates 10 hours, and P2D indicates 2 days.

    Values can be combined: P2DT3H4M indicates 2 days, 3 hours, and 4 minutes.

    If an instance is not specified, it cannot be used in the respective plan.

    diskUsageLimitDisk usage limit in the persistent volume (for all notebooks).
    numRunningInstancesLimitMaximum number of instances running at the same time.
    parallelInstancesQuotaTime limit for concurrently running instances.

Control GPU machine resources using different plans

You can control GPU machine resources by assigning different plans to different users.

  1. Create two instances in agents_config.yaml, where one has access to a GPU machine and the other does not. Follow the template provided in the file.

  2. In the plans_config.yaml file, create two plans:
    • With two instanceDurationQuotaMap parameters specifying quotas for both instances

    • With one instanceDurationQuotaMap parameter referencing only the instance without access to a GPU machine.

As a result, users with the second plan can only use CPU machine resources.

Assign a plan to a user

As an admin, you can assign plans to other users.

  1. In Datalore, click the avatar icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select Admin panel.

  3. Use the ID or Email filter field to find the user.

  4. In the user's record, click the field under Plan to expand the list.

  5. Select the plan you want to assign to the specified user.

Assigning plans to a user
Last modified: 05 October 2021