Datalore 2024.3 Help

Use coding assistance

Datalore provides smart coding assistance to help you improve your programming experience with the application.

Code completion

As you start typing the name of a function, method, class or variable, a box pops up suggesting possible completions. Click the right option from the list to complete the object name or keep typing to narrow down the scope of suggestions.

Quick documentation

For code cells, Datalore provides quick access to documentation:

  • Brief reference: provided in a popup when holding down Ctrl | Command and hovering over the code.

  • Full reference: provided in an expanded popup when you place the caret at the symbol and press F1.

Inspections and auto-fixes

Inspections are used to detect errors in your code and suggest auto-fixes. To view the available auto-fixes, click the code error and press Alt+Enter. To customize your inspections, go to Tools > Inspections and select what you want to use.

Auto import

If a name you use in your code associates with a library you forgot to import, Datalore suggests import options among the available auto-fixes.

Last modified: 16 July 2024