Datalore 2024.2 Help

Markdown cells

Markdown cells allow you to write plain text and format it using the Markdown syntax rules. This type of cells also supports standard LaTex notation so you can include mathematical symbols in your text. Markdown cells usually serve as explanatory or descriptive texts to your code.

First Markdown cell

By default, the first cell in a notebook is a code cell. If you want to begin with a Markdown cell, change the cell type, you have the following options:

  • Press Ctrl+M.

  • Click the Select cell language icon on the cell toolbar and select Convert to markdown.

Add a Markdown cell

You have two options:

  • Hover over the bottom border of a cell and select More | Markdown cell.

  • Click the ellipsis on the cell toolbar or right-click anywhere in the editor to select whether you want to insert a Markdown cell above or below the selected one from the cell menu.

Markdown cell output and view

Depending on the output, you can have rich text or mathematics for Markdown cell output. By default, the layout of a Markdown cell displays both its input and output vertically stacked. You can select how they are displayed.

Markdown cell

Go to Main menu | View and try different options. For more information, see Editor view

Markdown cell toolbar

Located in the upper right corner of the cell frame, the toolbar contains the following icons:

  • Insert code cell below: inserts a new code cell below the selected one.

  • Select cell type: allows to change the cell type and converts the input into the selected language.

  • Delete cell: deletes the cell from the notebook.

  • More actions: provides more options for managing the cell.

Natural language assistance

Powered by the Grazie Platform, Datalore provides a feature that highlights your grammar and spelling mistakes in Markdown cells. The checker system makes context-aware suggestions.

To view suggestions, click the highlighted word and click the Show Fixes icon or press Ctrl+.. Besides the suggestions, you can select to add the highlighted word or phrase as an exception.

Viewing suggestions

Configure natural language assistance

Use the Grammar checker tool.

  1. Go to Main menu | Tools | Grammar checker.

  2. To disable the grammar checker, use the Enable grammar checker toggle.

  3. To add a custom word to be ignored by the checker, click Add word, type the entry in the input field, and press Enter.

  4. To remove a grammar exception that you added when viewing suggestions, switch to the Grammar exceptions tab, select the entry, and click the delete icon.

Grammar checker

Embed variables in Markdown cells

Datalore supports variables in Markdown cells. This ensures that they convert to their current values in the output. To embed variables, use double curly brackets as shown in the example below.

Embedding two variables in a Markdown cell

    Enable code syntax highlighting in Markdown cells

    To enable code syntax highlighting for your code in Markdown cell output, fence the code with triple backticks (```) and specify the language as shown below in the example.

    Enabling code syntax highlight in Markdown cells

      Markdown cell menu

      The Markdown cell menu is a popup menu opened by right-clicking anywhere in a Markdown cell. This element contains an expanded selection of actions to manage the cell and its input.



      Insert code cell above/below

      Inserts a new code cell below or above the selected one.

      Insert cell above/below

      Inserts a cell of a selected type below or above the selected one.

      Delete cell

      Deletes the selected cell.

      Change cell type

      Changes the type of the selected cell and converts the input.

      Split cell at cursor

      Splits the cell in two where the cursor is positioned.

      Generate table of contents

      Inserts a table of contents of the entire notebook at the end of the input of the selected Markdown cell.

      Move cell up/down

      Moves the selected cell one cell up or one cell down.

      Last modified: 22 April 2024