Datalore 2024.2 Help

Metric cells

Use metric cells to track numerical values and compare them to others. You can track values from a selected variable. The cell allows you to label the tracked value and apply several comparison methods.

Use a metric cell without comparison

  1. Add a metric cell:

    • Hover over the lower border of the previous cell, click More, and select Metric.

    • Use the cell context menu to add the required cell type.

  2. Hover over the control in the cell and click the settings icon. This will open the Metric settings dialog.

  3. Under Metric, select a variable from the list.

  4. Under Label, provide a label for the tracked value.

  5. Click Apply.

Use a metric cell with comparison

  1. Open the Metric settings dialog for the metric cell where you want to apply comparison.

  2. Under Comparison, select the comparison type method that you want to apply.

  3. For the Compare with fixed value or Compare with variable specify a comparison value or variable and select a comparison type.

  4. Select a comparison method (percentage, decimal, simple).

  5. Provide a label for comparison results.

  6. Click Apply.

Last modified: 29 May 2024