Datalore 2024.2 Help

Upgrade Hub

The procedure below explains the JetBrains Hub upgrade process for Helm-based Datalore Enterprise.

Upgrade Hub for Helm-based Datalore Enterprise installation

  1. Assuming that your Hub values file is hub.values.yaml, run the command below to upgrade Hub.

    helm upgrade -f hub.values.yaml hub datalore/hub --version 0.2.20
  2. Run the kubectl logs service/hub to check the Hub output for wizard_token.

    The expected output has a line like this:

    JetBrains Hub 2022.3 Configuration Wizard will be available on [http://[host_name]:8082/?wizard_token=aDeMLUMskcpZW4sXJQye] after start
  3. Copy the wizard_token value to the clipboard.

  4. Open the Hub page in your browser and insert the wizard_token value into the Token field.

  5. Click the Log in button.

  6. Click the Upgrade button and wait for the upgrade to complete.

Last modified: 29 May 2024