JetBrains DataSpell 2021.1 Help


To develop Python scripts in JetBrains DataSpell:

If you are a Windows user, we recommend that you install Python for Windows.

Supported versions

  • Python 2: version 2.7

  • Python 3: from the version 3.6 up to the version 3.10

JetBrains DataSpell integrates the following features of Python 3.7:

Python support in JetBrains DataSpell

JetBrains DataSpell provides the following features to help working with Python:

  • Dedicated project types.

  • Ability to configure local and remote interpreters and virtual environments..

  • Python Console.

  • Run/debug configurations for Python, and Python remote debug.

  • Code insight

  • Code inspections.

  • Intention actions.

  • Code completion and resolve.

  • Built-in code formatter and separate set of Python code style settings.

  • Find usages in Python code.

  • Quick documentation.

  • Recognizing Python documentation comments.

  • Documentation generators

  • Configuring Python debugger.

Last modified: 15 June 2021