DataSpell 2024.1 Help

Onboarding tour

Before you start

  • Make sure the IDE Features Trainer bundled plugin is enabled in the Installed tab of the Settings | Plugins page as described in Install plugins.

When you launch DataSpell for the first time, there is an invitation to take an onboarding tour at the bottom of the Workspace tool window.

Start an onboarding tour

Start the onboarding tour

  1. Click Start Tour.

  2. During the tour, you will learn how to perform common tasks in DataSpell, such as attaching a directory, creating a notebook, running and debugging notebook cells, and more.

    Follow the instructions.

    Onboarding tour instructions
  3. To stop the onboarding tour, click Exit learning in the Learn tool window.

    Stop the onboarding tour

    A notification popup appears, suggesting that you detach the demo directory from the DataSpell workspace. Click Detach dataspell_demo.

    Detach the demo directory
  4. You can repeat the onboarding tour at any time. To do that, go to Help | Learn IDE Features in the main menu, and then click the link under the Onboarding Tour section.

    Restart the onboarding tour at any time

Reset your progress

If you would like to start learning from the beginning, you can reset your progress:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open the IDE settings and then select Tools | Features Trainer.

  2. Click Reset Lessons Progress, apply the changes, and close the dialog.

Last modified: 29 March 2024