DataSpell 2022.2 Help

Project tool window

The Workspace tool window lets you take a look at your workspace directory from various viewpoints and perform different tasks such as creating new items (directories, files, classes, and so on), opening files in the editor, navigating to the necessary code fragments, and more.

See the related procedures in Set up a working environment.

Most of the functions in this tool window are accessed as context menu commands in the content pane and via associated shortcuts.

Also, the view contains the Scratches and Consoles folder that lets you manage created scratch files, database consoles, and extension scripts.

Preview files

There are two ways to preview files without opening each one in a separate tab:

  • Use the file preview popup — select a file in the Workspace tool window and press Space.

  • Enable the preview tab — click the Show Options Menu button and select Enable Preview Tab.

Show tree indent guides

In the Workspace tool window, you can display vertical lines that mark indent levels and help you better understand the hierarchy of the components in your directory. To display these lines, enable Show tree indent guides on the Appearance and Behavior | Appearance page of the IDE settings Ctrl+Alt+S.

File colors

Files that belong to different scopes (production files or test files, for example) can be highlighted in different colors in the Workspace tool window, search results, and editor tabs.

To each scope, you can assign its own color. For more information, refer to Associate scopes with colors.

Last modified: 10 August 2022