dotPeek 2021.1 Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

dotPeek has inherited a great deal of its functionality from JetBrains ReSharper. Keyboard shortcuts used in dotPeek are no exception; similar to ReSharper, dotPeek provides two sets of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Visual Studio — This scheme was introduced in ReSharper in order to minimize conflicts with Visual Studio's own keyboard shortcuts.

  • IntelliJ IDEA — This scheme shares the majority of shortcuts with those used in IntelliJ IDEA and its derivative web development IDEs. It provides a common keyboard-centric experience among all JetBrains development environments.

Basic Commands

(Visual Studio)
Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/
ReSharper 2.x)
Open assemblyCtrl+OCtrl+O
Close assemblyDeleteDelete
Open assembly from GACCtrl+Shift+OCtrl+Shift+O
Show Options dialogCtrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+S

Working with Code

(Visual Studio)
Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/
ReSharper 2.x)
Toggle word wrapCtrl+E,WCtrl+E,W
Show/Hide white spacesCtrl+R,WCtrl+R,W
Show/Hide line numbersCtrl+R,NCtrl+R,N
Collapse to definitionsCtrl+M,OCtrl+M,O
Toggle outlining expansionCtrl+M,MCtrl+M,M
Toggle all expansionCtrl+M,LCtrl+M,L
Stop outliningCtrl+M,PCtrl+M,P
Stop hiding currentCtrl+M,UCtrl+M,U
Parameter information: show/go to the next signatureCtrl+PCtrl+P
Parameter information: go to the previous signatureCtrl+Alt+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Alt+Shift+Space
Quick documentationCtrl+Shift+F1Ctrl+Q
View hierarchy of typesCtrl+E HCtrl+Alt+H
View hierarchy of referencesCtrl+Alt+RCtrl+Alt+R
Extend selectionCtrl+Alt+RightCtrl+W
Shrink selectionCtrl+Alt+LeftCtrl+Shift+W
Select containing declarationCtrl+Shift+[Ctrl+Shift+[
(Visual Studio)
Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/
ReSharper 2.x)
Search Everywhere/Go to TypeCtrl+TCtrl+N
Go To AssemblyCtrl+Shift+TShift+Ctrl+N
Go to file memberAlt+\Ctrl+F12
Go to symbolAlt+Shift+TShift+Ctrl+Alt+N
Go to StringCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+T
Navigate ToAlt+`Ctrl+Shift+G
Go to type of symbolCtrl+Shift+F11Ctrl+Shift+T
Go to declarationF12Ctrl+B
Go to implementationCtrl+F12Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B
Go to base symbolsAlt+HomeCtrl+U
Go to derived symbolsAlt+EndAlt+Ctrl+B
Go to usageShift+Alt+F12Ctrl+Alt+F7
Go to containing declarationCtrl+[Ctrl+[
Go to next member/tagAlt+DownAlt+Down
Go to previous member/tagAlt+UpAlt+Up
Structural navigation: forwardsTabTab
Structural navigation: backwardsShift+TabShift+Tab
Find usagesShift+F12Alt+F7
Find usages of related entitiesCtrl+Shift+Alt+F12Shift+Alt+F7
Highlight usages in fileShift+Alt+F11Ctrl+Shift+F7
Go to previous location/highlightCtrl+Alt+PageUpCtrl+Alt+PageUp
Go to next location/highlightCtrl+Alt+PageDownCtrl+Alt+PageDown
Remove highlighting of usagesEscEsc
View recent filesCtrl+,Ctrl+E
View bookmarksCtrl+`Ctrl+`
Go to numbered bookmarkCtrl+[number]Ctrl+[number]
Toggle numbered bookmarkCtrl+Shift+[numeric key]Ctrl+Shift+[numeric key]
Find Results windowCtrl+Alt+F12Ctrl+Alt+U
File structureCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+F11
Stack Trace ExplorerCtrl+E TCtrl+Shift+E
Locate in Assembly ExplorerShift+Alt+LAlt+Shift+L
Switch to code from Assembly ExplorerEscEsc
Quick Find windowCtrl+FCtrl+F
Go to lineCtrl+GCtrl+G
Go to ActionCtrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A

Tool Windows

(Visual Studio)
Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/
ReSharper 2.x)
File structureCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+F11
Find Results windowCtrl+Alt+F12Ctrl+Alt+U
Hierarchies windowCtrl+E HCtrl+Alt+H
Pdb Access Log windowCtrl+Alt+YCtrl+Alt+Y
Properties windowF4F4
Quick Find windowCtrl+FCtrl+F
Stack Trace ExplorerCtrl+E TCtrl+Shift+E
Close recent tool windowCtrl+Shift+F4Ctrl+Shift+F4
Activate recent tool windowCtrl+Alt+BackspaceCtrl+Alt+Backspace
Last modified: 29 April 2021