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What's New in dotPeek

dotPeek 2021.1

  • Color coding of code viewer tabs according to their code presentation mode.

  • Code style options for decompiled code.

dotPeek 2020.3

  • Decompiler improvements: Static local functions, top-level statements, attributes on local functions, readonly instance members on structs.

  • IL Viewer: improvements in synchronization and context highlighting.

  • Assembly Explorer window: top-level entry point item (presentation, double-click/context menu navigation, properties).

  • Go to File Member in library code retains the presentation mode for external sources (decompiled code / code from symbol files / metadata view).

  • Metadata tree: add containing type info to presentation of metadata token nodes if this info is not evident.

  • Go To Metadata Token: improved item presentation (token; origin assembly for *Ref tokens).

  • A new action to locate symbols in metadata tree.

dotPeek 2020.2

  • Decompiler: support of expression-bodied members, throw expressions, default parameters, and named arguments.

  • Decompiler: NullablePublicOnlyAttribute support.

dotPeek 2020.1

  • Decompiler: improved tuple component names support.

  • Decompiler: nullable reference types (in declarations, not in method bodies).

  • Decompiler: default interface members.

  • Decompiler: field-targeted attributes for auto-implemented properties and field-like events.

  • IL View: support for custom attributes in interface implementations and generic parameter constraints (for example, the compiler can apply NullableAttribute and TupleElementNamesAttribute to these entities).

dotPeek 2019.3

dotPeek 2019.2

  • Tooltips with keyword description in IL Viewer

  • Go to File Member now also searches for textual matches in the current document.

  • Win32 resources subtree in Assembly Explorer window

  • Metadata tree improvements: description for unmanaged (win32) resources directories and entries (type, language), description for section headers.

dotPeek 2019.1

  • Metadata tree improvements:

    • Navigation to source from a document token node (portable pdb subtree).

    • Navigation to pdb content .xml from a portable pdb subtree root node.

  • Navigation to nuspec (double-click a nuget node in the Assembly Explorer window)

  • Dependencies node for NuGet package in the Assembly Explorer window.

dotPeek 2018.3

  • Local functions decompilation (C# 7.0)

  • Pattern matching decompilation: const pattern, type pattern, type patterns in the case clauses (predicates and discards are supported) (C# 7.0)

  • Decompilation of System.Enum, System.Delegate and unmanaged constraints (C# 7.3)

  • Decompilation of fixed fields indexing without pinning (C# 7.3)

  • Copy Symbol Information to Clipboard

dotPeek 2018.2

  • Improved navigation to interfaces, enums, and any types that have no method implementations.

dotPeek 2018.1

  • Decompilation support for the following C# constructs:

    • Null-conditional (?. or ?[]) operators

    • Await in catch/ finally blocks

    • Indexer (dictionary) initializers

    • Async Main

  • Metadata tee improvements:

    • Metadata subtree (headers / directories) for files that are not supported by the decompiler.

    • Improved presentation and new filed descriptions in headers.

    • Absolute offsets for metadata tables, metadata table rows, heap items (the offsets are displayed in the Properties window).

  • File description (Version Info) for assemblies in the Properties window.

dotPeek 2017.3

dotPeek 2017.2

  • If any of the navigation and search commands results in multiple matches inside a single method, dotPeek now displays all of them in the search results.

  • The results of Search Everywhere Control+N now include occurrences of the search query in strings.

  • Improvements in Go to String Ctrl+Alt+T: search in attributes, better presentation and navigation directly to the search query occurrence in long and multiline strings.

  • More features for Portable PDB in the Metadata tree.

  • Ability to retrieve assembly's original source code, which is referenced in the Portable PDB using Source Link.

  • Proper decompilation of nameof().

  • Improvements and fixes for displaying and navigating IL code.

dotPeek 2017.1

dotPeek 2016.3

dotPeek 2016.2

  • IL Viewer improvements: when you set the caret at a code symbol or instruction, all usages of this item are highlighted; loops in your code can be distinguished by corresponding indents and comments.

  • Assembly dependency diagram.

dotPeek 2016.1

dotPeek 10.0

  • Viewing intermediate language (IL) side by side with decompiled C# code.

  • Find Usages works asynchronously, letting you keep on working with the decompiler while it executes time consuming usage search in the background.

  • dotPeek supports the same set of color themes as that of Visual Studio with the ability to synchronize your color scheme preference with Visual Studio settings.

  • Usage-aware behavior of the Go to Declaration command.

dotPeek 1.4

  • Ability to decompile assemblies build with Roslyn

  • Ability to decompile the following C# 6.0 features: exception filters, auto-properties with initializers

  • Ability to display metadata tokens in the Assembly Explorer and as comments in decompiled code.

  • Ability to navigate to metadata tokens.

  • Go to String command now lets you find string literals in constant string fields and in default values of string parameters.

dotPeek 1.3

dotPeek 1.2

dotPeek 1.1

Last modified: 08 March 2021