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dotTrace helps you detect performance bottlenecks in a variety of .NET and .NET Core applications: WPF and Universal Windows Platform, ASP.NET, Windows services, WCF services, and unit tests. Mono and Unity applications are supported as well.

Analyze any performance issues

Get accurate data on calls execution time. In the timeline profiling mode, get the same call time data but bound to a timeline. Use timeline data to analyze performance issues where the order of events matters, such as UI freezes, excessive garbage collection, uneven workload distribution, inefficient file I/O, and others.

Profile SQL queries and HTTP requests

Find out how a particular query affects application performance and why this query is running slow.

If you develop a web application, learn how it processes incoming HTTP requests.

Profile all types of .NET applications
Profile SQL queries
Profile HTTP requests

Profile static methods and unit tests

You can instantly get comprehensive profiling data without having to build your solution, run the profiler and perform a usage scenario. Just add a static method alongside the code that you're optimizing, and profile it!

If you employ unit testing in your project, dotTrace helps you profile any test in just a few clicks. In addition, dotTrace offers a special TeamCity plugin which you can use to profile integration tests on your CI server and prevent performance regressions.

Profile unit tests
Profile static methods

Profile and analyze results in Rider and Visual Studio

With dotTrace, you can profile and analyze call stacks without leaving your IDE. It is already integrated into Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider.

You can even navigate to a method declaration from a hot spot in the call tree!

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