dotPeek 2022.2 Help

Navigate and search

dotPeek enables you to find your way through the source code using the declarations, members, method calls, inheritance hierarchy, and so on .

You can start navigation from any place in the code viewer, from the File Structure window, Find Results window, and other dotPeek tool windows.

Navigation and search commands are available in the Navigate menu, with keyboard shortcuts, as well as in the context menu of the code viewer and other windows.

Depending on your task, different sets of dotPeek's navigation and search features may help you:

  • If you need to find anything in your solution or referenced libraries by name, study the commands in the Search by name section.

  • If you need to go to any items related to the current code symbol, study the commands in the Navigate from symbols section.

  • dotPeek also provides a general-purpose Navigate To shortcut that groups all navigation options available from the current caret position. To learn more about this shortcut, see Navigate To section.

  • If you want to find usages of a particular symbol in the current file, project, solution, or referenced libraries, study the commands in the Find Usages section.

  • Depending on the current caret position in the editor, dotPeek can suggest a lot of relevant navigation options. To learn more about these options, see Navigate current context.

  • If you need to find any text in the current document, use Find text in the current document.

  • Go to Line command that brings you to a specific line in the current document.

Besides, dotPeek provides other means of navigation:

Last modified: 01 August 2022