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Recording Application Coverage

As soon as you start a coverage run for the startup project or for an external application, dotCover shows the Coverage Controller dialog that helps recording coverage during the execution.

To record application coverage

  1. Run the target application (the startup project or an external application) under dotCover control.
  2. If the Start immediately check box was enabled during startup, dotCover starts collecting coverage data right away. Otherwise, make the necessary preparations and then click Start in the Coverage Controller dialog.
  3. In the covered application, go through the scenario of the coverage run.
  4. If you did something unintended during the coverage run, click Drop in the Coverage Controller dialog to clear the coverage results, and then click Start to restart coverage recording.
  5. When the coverage run is finished, click Get Snapshot'n'Wait. The snapshot will be opened in the Coverage Results Browser window.

While the target application or process is running, you can perform several scenarios starting each one by clicking Start and finishing by clicking Get Snapshot'n'Wait. When everything is finished, click Kill All or close the Coverage Controller dialog and the covered application.

If necessary, you can expand application details to see application processes and number of taken snapshots:

Coverage Controller dialog

If you run coverage analysis for a Web Application on Visual Studio Development Server or Web Application on IIS or IIS Express Server, dotCover will terminate the web server process when you click Kill Process or close the Coverage Controller dialog; web browser process is not terminated.

To learn how to study the coverage results, see Working with Coverage Results.

Last modified: 17 April 2018

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