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Configuring Profiling Session

dM profiler config

After you select the profiling target, you can proceed to configuring a profiling session. Depending on how you run dotMemory, the profiling session options will be shown either in a separate window or on the right panel of the Home page. The options are divided into two groups:

pos 1 Application Options
These are options that depend on the application type. For example, if you profile a standalone app, you must provide a path to the app's executable. If you profile an ASP site, then you must specify the app's URL, and so on.

pos 2 Profiler Options
These options define how dotMemory should collect data during the profiling session. For example, you can specify whether dotMemory should collect stack trace or memory traffic data, whether the collection must be started immediately, and other.

Last modified: 15 March 2019

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