JetBrains Fleet 1.30 Help

AI Assistant

In JetBrains Fleet, you can get AI assistance in writing and understanding code, commits, and documentation. The AI feature suite is integrated with different tools, such as the editor, terminal, and Git tool.

Under the hood, JetBrains Fleet uses large language models through JetBrains AI Service. The AI features are provided free-of-charge during the preview phase. To start using them, you only have to log in using your JetBrains Account.

Log in

  • If you are using AI Assistant for the first time, open the AI Assistant tool, and click the Sign In button.

    Sign in button in the AI Assistant tool
  • If you have already logged in, but want to change the account, use the Log in to JetBrains AI and Log out of JetBrains AI actions in the Go to Action dialog ⌘ ⇧ K.

    Log in to JetBrains AI action in the Go to Action dialog

After you have logged in, you can use the following features:

Inline AI prompt

  • To generate arbitrary code at the caret, press ⌘ ., type your request, then press .

    Inline AI prompt in Fleet editor

Generate commit message

  • To generate a commit message for pending changes, select the changes to stage, then click the AI icon in the commit message field.

    Commit message generated by AI Assistant

Explain commit

  • To explain the changes within a commit, right-click it in the Git History tool, then select Explain commit.

    Right-clicking a commit shows a context menu where you can choose to explain the commit

Generate documentation

  • Right-click the symbol, for which you want to generate documentation, then select AI Actions | Generate documentation.


Chat with AI Assistant

  • Press ⌘ T, then select AI Assistant. This opens a tool, which you can use to ask AI Assistant questions in free-form text format.

    AI Assistant tool

Explain code

  • To get an explanation for an arbitrary piece of code, select it in the editor, then right-click it and select AI Actions | Explain Code from the context menu.

    Context menu for selected code block with 'Explain code' item in it

Assistance in the terminal

  • You can have AI Assistant write terminal commands for you. In the terminal, press ⌘ ., enter the request, and press . The prompt gets replaced with the generated command.

    Request to generate a command in the terminal

Data handling

JetBrains maintains a strict privacy policy with regard to user data. Pieces of project code and configuration may be shared with service providers such as OpenAI. JetBrains does not store your data, nor is it used for training of JetBrains' models.

For more information, refer to Terms of Use for the JetBrains AI service and our Privacy Policy.

Last modified: 21 February 2024